Your Home Theater Deserves The Best


Your project is complete and done but something still might be missing to give you and your viewers that wow factor. While we do offer basic calibrations with our systems, some projects deserve getting a full audio and video calibration done by professionals who have over 25 years of calibrating experience. We use the best calibrators in the country, as they do outstanding jaw dropping work and give your home theater the wow factor you were looking for. 

Video Calibrations

For video calibrations we use, no other than Jim Doolittle. Jim has over 25 years’ experience calibrating TVs and Projectors to look as best as they possibly could in your space. 

Audio Calibrations

For Audio calibrations we use Allan Dawson of Skye Acoustics, who plain and simple fixes rooms and makes them sound phenomenal. Allan goes above and beyond to make sure the speakers in your space sound as best as they could possibly sound.